Bauhaus Dessau Sound by Micro Movie Media GmbH

Bauhaus Sound App (available on apple store and play store)

The Bauhaus Sound Tool augments the exhibitions and buildings of the Bauhaus Dessau with the dimension of sound. This real-time composition, provides a unique binaural sound experience for each listener. The foundation and sound materials used for this composition are "sound miniatures" on the themes of the Bauhaus. These have been developed by recordings of Bauhaus rooms, workshops, design objects and historical materials from the Building Research Archive.
The listener hears noisy, musical, raw and processed sounds generated by knocking on, stroking and rubbing glass, metal and stone. They might also hear atmospheres of the Masters' houses, fragments of Bauhaus poems and many more sounds inspired by the artifacts and ideas of Bauhaus.
You have to tap the screen to slowly transition to a new sound miniature. See and hear what happens.

The entrant has supplied multiple files for this project:
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