This Is How Much War Material Switzerland Exports To Countries In Conflict by Neue Zürcher Zeitung

Over the summer and autumn 2018, there was a hot debate about weapon exports in Switzerland: The Swiss Federal Council wanted to loosen the export regulation such that, in certain cases, Switzerland could also export weapons to countries that are involved in a conflict. The parliament was against it.

We wanted to know how much war material is already sold to warring countries. For this, we used Swiss government data on weapon exports and worldwide data on conflicts by the Uppsala Conflict Data Program to examine which proportion of weapon deals took place during times where the receiving country was involved in a conflict.

We found that weapon exports to countries whose government is involved in an international or internal conflict increased since 2014, when the Swiss regulation on weapon exports was loosened. In 2017, exports to warring countries made for 30 % of all weapon exports. We further showed to which countries the largest shares were exported and explain the conflict situations in more detail for the countries to which Switzerland exported weapons during conflicts in ten years or more.

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