Flows Of Italo Calvino's Stories (Atlante Calvino Project) by DensityDesign Research Lab

This visualisation is about Italo Calvino, one among the most well-known and studied writers in contemporary Italian literature. The visualisation lays out the whole repertoire of Calvino's short stories - the real backbone of his opera - illustrating the path they take from magazines to collections and how he repeatedly combined them in multiple collections. The large majority of its works had been firstly released on magazines and newspapers, which importantly contributed to the shaping of short fiction during XVIII century.

Two versions are available: attached it is possible to find a static-printable one, while in the URL field it is possible to find the link to the interactive explorable version.

We suggest to browse the interactive visualisation with Google Chrome. The visualisation is in Italian only: right-click > translate to English helps in orientating.

The entrant has supplied an additional file for this project: [1]

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