Behind The 30,000 Flight Data, The Battle Of The Sky In 230 Cities by Shanghai Yicai Data Technology Co., Ltd.

With the accumulation of urbanization and the population, the demand for air travel is expanding. Through the airport flights and airline data of 230 cities, the works have an insight into how the city can absorb and release the powerful economic potential of them. From the perspective of urban research, airport throughput and airline access to a certain extent represent the active degree of urban business travel activities, and then linked to the urban primacy and economic potential energy. Among them, we introduce the centrality concept of Network Analysis, which uses the number of airlines and the amount of flight data to calculate the centrality index to measure the pivotal status of the city and the urban agglomeration airport. DTCJ cuts through the degree of aviation communication between the centrality and the city, and hopes to depict a perspective of the three-dimensional picture of China's regional and urban development, providing valuable information and research content related to the urban economy for civil aviation development and even for all relevant parties to provide more reliable basis for planners and decision makers.

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