Visualising Coffee In Brooklyn 99 by Muskeen Liddar

This piece visualises all the times that coffee is seen and spoken about in Brooklyn 99 season 3. Each small coffee ring circle represents a time coffee was seen with each large coffee ring representing a time when it was spoken.

For this project, I collected my data by hand whilst watching the series and later transferred it onto a spreadsheet. I also noted down the speech that was spoken about coffee.

I then decided to visualise this data by using coffee as my material, this included marking intentional coffee rings to represent times when I had seen coffee, or it had been spoken about in the series.

I decided to spit up my visualisation into episodes, to make it possible to compare which episodes had the most coffee references.

I also added additional annotations of what was spoken, I feel that this added an extra depth to the piece. In the future, I would consider adding more details, perhaps extra context of why some episodes included more coffee than others. I also feel that it could be interesting to explore in more depth who speaks/drinks coffee the most in the series.

This project was very fun to create, I especially enjoyed using physical materials to mark my data, and liked the organicness of how every coffee ring had some natural variance and uniqueness.

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