The Impatient List: A Visual Storytelling Of Kidney Donation And Transplantation In United States

"The Impatient List" is a storytelling piece that calls the general public 's attention to patients of the kidney transplant in the United States. Organ transplantation is a highly collaborative task, involving the patient, the donor, hospitals and organizations. The organization has been collecting this data for three decades which was the primary source of data for our visualization. With empathy to those patients, we want our designs to tell a story about those data to the general public. Therefore, to personalize the analysis for a group of varied users, our design allows users to filter the data based on their location, blood-group, and BMI. This way, the user can guide the story to their suited interests. To present the big picture, we adopted the design of a choropleth for waiting list information over the geo-location, and animation for waiting list change over the last two decades.