Plastic Pollution And Ocean Currents - Multi Scale Flow Map by Maj Plemenitas

The Multi-Scale Flow Map visualizes complex relations between plastic pollutants in fluctuating water environment to help identify, locate and neutralize the pollutants.
The work focuses on identifying specific behaviors of Nano, Micro, and Macro plastic particles when that are dynamically affected by currents, wind, and temperature.
The work has been developed through the intense use of scientific data, remote sensing, Ai - machine learning algorithms, coding and state of the art simulation.
The title »Multiscale Flow map« refers to its strategic role, the structure as well as subject matter. Where multiple operational, spatial and temporal scales are relationally linked and where change on a small scale affects, alters or promotes behaviors of a larger system and vice versa.
The Multi-Scale Flow Map is the convergence point of larger project that I developed on all stages from conception to research, collection of more than 900000000 real data points, 1000 hours of simulation, processing, and visualization that resulted in production of 365 Multi-Scale Maps and the final 4000mm x 4000mm large, ultra high-resolution MSFM that is exhibited at the 2018 Venice Biennale Exhibition.