The Search Engine of Cyber Security by Marketcolor

Cybersecurity content is often in service of a product. It is a young industry built on top of funding rounds, valuations and products. As an end user of cyber security solutions, it's not always clear what the service is sitting underneath a SaaS veneer.

For many, one's only interaction with cyber security is through purchasing a product. Anti-malware, application security, cloud security, encryption, fraud prevention and more. These are all fields that need to be better understood and better entry points for individuals and businesses and governments - not only subject matter experts - is required. That's why we created a search engine of cyber security. In its initial state, this is the NIST Cyber Security Framework and taking it out of the appendix in a PDF and turning it into a searchable responsive database. On another level, it is a learning tool. Similar to the Sideways Dictionary, Marketcolor has been sharing the Cyber Security Framework with universities and infosec societies to help create a community of people offering relatable explanations of core tenets of the Framework.