Chinese Calligraphy by Nanjing University Of The Arts, Yong Yi

Design form: designed in the form of information chart, the whole work is 70cm wide and 567cm high, in the form of vertical scroll.

Design content: to seven different era style "permanent" word for the timeline, points and seven small plate, throughout the entire design. These seven types of calligraphy are: oracle, jinwen, compiling, official script, cursive script, regular script. Each chirography respectively introduces the corresponding contents, such as in text introduces the history and in a variety of graphic symbol introduction stroke font, font style, structure, calligrapher, cutter tools, etc. The entire chart is based on a single color, with red, gold and black as the main colors, combining dots, polygons and dotted lines to add an atmosphere of the whole design. On both sides of the picture, the title is darkened in both English and Chinese ways, and suitable for changing the position and cutting some parts, so that it has a sense of design.

Creative design: even in science and technology leading the life of today, Chinese traditional art, can also raise your sail all show. Perhaps, take advantage of the crowded intersection of human traffic, commercial high-rises bristly, the choice return uncut jade to true is the best open end. May people stay in front of the traditional art for more time to truly integrate the calligraphy art into life and pass on the classics so that everyone can go further with it.