Hall of Shame by South China Morning Post

This data visualisation sets out to show readers the faces of the murderers behind the trigger of each mass shooting in the United States since 1966. We defined mass shootings as events in which there are five or more victims, excluding the shooter. The circumstances and locations in which the attacks occurred are also detailed. Murders within the family circle are not included.
The aftermath is visualised by indicating if the shooter was apprehended, killed by police, sentenced and executed, or committed suicide. The key also indicates if the attack is against people known to the perpetrator, or unknown members of the public. The visualisation demonstrates random attacks have increased.
Readers can toggle between display settings to view the shooters chronologically or according to their ages at the time of the attack. The viewer is free to decide if the problem is exacerbated by the easy access to firearms in the US.
Due to the increasingly common occurrence of these episodes in America, we wanted to create a visually powerful way for readers to respond to. We felt showing the faces of the perpetrators was chilling, poignant and memorable.
This graphic was first published in May, 2018 and will be updated and republished each time a new massacre with more than five deaths is reported in the US.