Bronze by Nanjing Arts Institute

Bronze is the earliest alloy in the history of metal smelting. Adding tin or lead alloy to pure copper has special importance and historical significance. Bronze is found all over the world especially as a symbol of world civilization. It is an artifact made by the ancients using a very special process, the most famous of which is one of its casting methods, called the Fan Casting. Fan Casting, also known as die-casting, first molds with mud, sculpts various patterns and inscriptions, and then burns them to make them into master molds, and then molds them with mother molds. Melting the alloy, pouring the alloy into the pottery cavity of the pottery vane cavity, after being removed from the vane, after being cleaned and polished, it is the finished bronze product. After investigation, I divided the production process into five parts: production model, system, baking, pouring, and scraping. I hereby introduce the production process and hope to pass on it. Because of the long history of bronzes, types A wide variety, with the introduction of its alloy composition, the type of ornamentation, and the main use of bronze rituals.