Explore the Politicians in the Paradise Papers by International Consortium of Investigative Journalists

To create Paradise Papers, we used interactive graphics to illustrate complex concepts relating to secret, often convoluted tax machinations of some of the world’s most powerful people and corporations.

'Explore the Politicians in the Paradise Papers' is a collection of profile cards that detail the offshore connections of more than 50 political figures from around the world and show the financial webs that involve them.

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    The ICIJ Offshore Leaks database was built by the ICIJ Data & Research Unit and Spanish product studio Populate. Developers: Pierre Romera (ICIJ), Fernando Blat and Jorge Gómez Sancha (Populate Tools) Database developers: Rigoberto Carvajal and Miguel Fiandor (ICIJ) Design: Álvaro Ortiz (Populate Tools) Data editor: Mar Cabra (ICIJ) Research Editor: Emilia Díaz-Struck (ICIJ) Chief Technology Officer: Pierre Romera (ICIJ) Editors: Martha Hamilton, Hamish Boland-Rudder, Marina Walker Guevara (ICIJ) Contributors: la Alecci, Sasha Chavkin, Ryan Chittum, Will Fitzgibbon, Cécile S. Gallego, Matthew Caruana Galizia, Manuel Villa, Delphine Reuter and Spencer Woodman (ICIJ) and Helena Bengtsson. Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany - Felix Ebert), Tamedia (Switzerland - Jérémy Boulery, Paola de Perthuis and Didier Orel) and El Confidencial (Spain - Ricardo Ortiz) contributed in the data processing. Data and Research: Julien Martin and Manuel Villa Fact-checkers: Joe Hillhouse and Richard H.P. Sia Illustrator: Rocco Fazzari System administrator: Jorge González
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