Robots Are Coming for These Wall Street Jobs by Bloomberg LP

Wall Street is entering a new era. The fraternity of bond jockeys, derivatives mavens and stock pickers who've long personified the industry are giving way to algorithms, and soon, artificial intelligence. Although much has been previously reported on technology’s potential to displace work, the focus has almost exclusively been on blue-collar jobs in manufacturing and service industries. What tasks currently performed by the high-earners in finance might also be automatable? And when?

To find out, Bloomberg reporters conducted in-depth surveys at top investment banks and fintech firms, gathering exclusive insight into how they plan to be—or are already—incorporating artificial intelligence.

Responses were placed into four broad categories, ordered based on the likelihood of automation. To visualize it, we borrowed visual tropes from an adjacent field within machine learning: computer vision. Boxes tracking human faces add discomfort, while level of opacity was used to signify the likelihood of automation, thereby obscuring this representation of the workers who might be displaced.