My Memory of Wenchuan Earthquake by Sixth Tone & The Paper

The devastating Wenchuan Earthquake shocked the world on May 12, 2008. Over 69,000 people lost their lives in the quake, and it has become the most painful memory for many since then. Near the 10th anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake, The Paper launched an UGC (User Genereted Content) project to create an online memorial archive for the quake, by simply asking "where were you when the earthquke struck"?
The project was designed to welcome memories from all kinds of people, victims or non-victims, Chinese or foreigners, from mobile or desktop. Each story is visualized as a dot on the map, with colors representing different moods. People who were near the epicenter shared emotions like fear(purple) and despair(yellow) when the quake struck, while people from faraway were more likely to be worried and saddened at that moment.
We believe all memories are valuable, and should have the same chance to be shared on this project. In order to help users find the stories they are most interested in faster, we designed sorting and searching functions. The users can also find stories by clicking on dots on the map.
Within one week, more than two thousand people wrote stories through this project.