Using the Classic Game "Guess Who" to Understand Associations in Data by Michael Laverick

A video of an interactive visualisation that demonstrates how colour (green, white and grey) is used to display associations, and dissociations, in data. This is fun way of educating people in how to navigate data. The classic game "Guess Who" has been recreated and as questions are answered the data is evaluated and colour is used to show not only if the answer is correct, but how data is associated with the answer (green), disassociated (grey) and what possible data remains to explore.
Ultimately this is a data literacy tool that uses a familiar game to emphasise the ease at which data can be explored by anyone of any skill and experience. It also highlights the importance of the "grey" because using a linear approach to data preparation removes data from view, whereas the "grey" allows you to see what is not associated and check for issues in the data. It was built in Qlik Sense.