Socializing AI — A Human Experience With Watson
 by IBM

Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. 8.3 billion devices around the world automating our lives with the ease of AI. But, few understand how these systems work.

That’s why we created the Watson Experience Center — a collaborative space where visitors learn about AI with immersive explorations told through a combination of storytelling, design, data and expert-guided interaction.

We present these stories of Watson at work — sparking imaginations and seeding understanding of AI.

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    IBM Watson -------------- Jeffrey Coveyduc, Executive Director, Executive Stakeholder Kai Young, Program Director, Project Stakeholder Patrick Muse, Program Director, Project Stakeholder Jenny Woo, Design Lead, Creative Direction & Strategy Rob Harrigan, Design Lead, Creative Direction & Brand Integration Fredrick Benson, Product Manager, Product Management & Oversight Tom Wall, Immersive Engineering, Development and Deployment Taimur Shah, Immersive Engineering, Development and Deployment Joe Harding, Immersive Engineering, Development and Deployment Aquaris Anderson, Project Coordinator, Budget Coordination & Approvals Local Projects --------------- Jake Barton, Principal, Creative Oversight Marijana Wotton, Account Director, Account Management & Leadership Jeanne Angel, Project Manager, Project Management & Oversight Christina Latina, Senior Art Director, Creative Direction & Design Nina Boesch, Senior UX Designer, User Experience & Design Myles Bryan, Senior Motion Designer, Visual Effects & Motion Design Angelica Jang, Senior Motion Designer, Visual Effects & Motion Design Crystal Law, Motion Designer, Motion Design & Editing Danny Well, Lead Visual Experience Designer, Visual Design Vidya Santosh, Senior Visual Experience Designer, Visual Design Oblong Industries --------------- Pete Hawkes, Interaction Design Director, Interaction & UI/UX Design John Carpenter, Design Lead, Interaction & Data Visualization Samson Klitsner, Interaction Designer, UI/UX Design Brandon Harvey, Engineering Director, Software & Hardware Strategy Justin Shrake, Engineering Lead, Software Architecture Michael Schuresko, Effects Engineer, Visual Effects Tom Jakubowski, Engineer, Software & Data Engineering Tom DiNetta, Engineer, Software & Data Engineering David Schweinsberg, Engineer, Software & Data Engineering Aaron Rice, Engineer, Software & Data Engineering
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