Top Lead Report "Energy Industry in Ukraine" by Top Lead

«Energy industry in Ukraine» - our special issue that was fully dedicated to the issues and possibilities of the energy industry. The purpose of the report is to demonstrate our expertise and awareness of the main problems of this market.

Ukraine is the most energy inefficient state in Europe. Extreme consumption of electricity and heat generates the need in the import of energy resources. It increases energy dependence from other countries.
The paradox is that Ukraine has a large deposits of sources of energy — uranium, gas, coal.
We should have conserved our resources and developed own energy production.

THE PROJECT MISSION is to make people understand energy independence issues.

Project goals are:
- to highlight the problems of Ukraine's energy dependence of imports and show the ways how to get rid of it
- establish Top Lead’s thought leadership in the energy industry

Please, see the attached presentation for more information.

In 3 month the project results looked like this:

35 infographics
3 900 PDF downloads
680 hardcopies
6 articles with 65 000 readers
1 event - 100 participants
90 publications in Ukrainian media with 47 000+ audience

120 000 - Combined Audience

Project Landing Page:

PDF version:

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