Information On Different Types Of People For Graphic Communication, Website And Information Designers by Thomas Bohm

My paper 'Information on different types of people for graphic communication, website and information designers' has been published on the Usability Geek website ( The paper gives you an overview of the many different types of people graphic communication, website and information designers have to design for. The list of people that the paper and infographic provides statistics and introductory information for is as follows:

• Children, 4–12 years old.
• Teenagers, 13–19 years old.
• General people, 20–45 years old.
• Middle-aged adults, 45–59 years old.
• Older adults, 60+ years old.
• Dyslexia.
• Vision Impairment.
• Colour Blindness.
• Arthritis.
• Text and Numerical Literacy.
• Digital Literacy.
• Education Level.
• Prior Experience (Knowledge Level).
• Psychology.

The infographic at the end of the paper is free to reuse and share (please credit and link to: User Design, Illustration and Typesetting and do link to the paper on Usability Geek