Virtual Humans by Barcelona Supercomputing Center

While doctors dream of one day perfecting medical treatments on digital clones of a patient, virtual organs are already being simulated in supercomputers. This documentary describes the efforts of researchers to recreate a human inside a computer. Through scientific data visualizations, Virtual Humans gives us a glimpse of this truly personalised medicine, and its long term implications for our healthcare and lifestyle.

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    Directors: Guillermo Marin & Fernando Cucchietti Screenplay: Peter V Coveney, Roger Highfield, Fernando Cucchietti, Guillermo Marin Producer: Peter V Coveney Executive Producer: Mariano Vazquez Music: Ben Lukas Boysen Sound: Edi Calderón Narrator: Elena Coveney VFX supervisor: Guillermo Marin Editor: Fernando Cucchietti Compositing: Guillermo Marin Visual development: Sol Bucalo Data Visualizations and Animation: Irakli Kublashvili, Guillermo Marin, Paul Melis, Casper Van Leeuwen, Marco Verdicchio, Thomas Odaker, Dieter Kranzlmueller, Markus Wiedemann Data Technicians: Fernando Cucchietti, Rogeli Grima Marenostrum Technical Support: David Vicente, Carlos Tripiana End Credits: Diana Velez
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