Infographic of Plants by Nanjing University of the Arts, Zhang Biqi

These three information charts describe the morphological characteristics, growth and development of fern, gymnosperms and angiosperms, and their respective information.
I have illustrated each of the plant types.
Each of the three charts is colour coded. In each chart, the main diagram is made up of four or five plants that best represent the category.The morphological features of plants are mainly centered on the main diagram, and the process of growth and development is indicated by arrows and linked to the main diagram.The texture of leaves is mainly represented by irregular geometric figures and solid lines. The relevant information in the subgraph is indicated by a dotted line.
The information content of ferns includes morphological characteristics, growth, reproduction and photosynthesis, and the growth of growth is divided into the growth of spore body and gametophyte. The information of gymnosperms includes morphological characters, growth and development, female ball flowers and male ball flowers and branches. The information of angiosperms includes its morphological features, reproductive and leaf structures, in which its reproductive methods are divided into sexual reproduction and asexual reproduction.