Kantar Added Value Social Watching Platform by Kantar Added Value

The images shared on social media not only provide authentic brand assets that people are keen to engage with – they are also the most direct way of seeing the world through consumers’ eyes. To harness the power of visual social media, Kantar Added Value has developed Social Watching. Social Watching is a unique approach that uses image recognition technology, semiotic analysis, and the collection of user-generated content at scale to transform the way brands think about their brand’s equity. By analysing the visual content users are generating, we can give brand owners and their agencies unfiltered insight into how their brand is being engaged with, and an understanding of the lives of the people they serve.

We have developed a tool that is able to analyse user-generated content at scale; taking hundreds of thousands of images and converting them into an easy-to-navigate, insightful and meaningful window on the world. Through using wordless maps and charts, the platform can help you to navigate user-generated content in simple and impactful way and export it into a presentation easily.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, and this platform can analyse hundreds of thousands, then there is an enormous opportunity here. The potential of this tool is manifold; it has the ability to flex and change to client needs, and be a real problem solver when it comes to navigating visual data at scale. Through its ability to boil down a chaotic visual world into something visually simple, we believe this could play a significant role in the future of our industry.