AR Space Poster Long by Mishka Lofthouse

This infographic was produced as an alternate outcome of my final major project at university. I decided to research how to communicate the possibilities of virtual reality and augmented reality technology. The research showed that the possibilities for future use of augmented reality and virtual reality are literally endless, and it has the potential to be utilized in many different industries across the globe. In addition, the research showed that consumers enjoy increased information and interactivity whilst using augmented reality and virtual reality. The research findings then led me to design, develop, and create an augmented reality enabled poster concept aimed at young children, to be used in a school setting, to teach and also entertain.

I chose the subject of space for the infographic, as it is in the UK National Curriculum for children of a young age, thus rendering the infographic useful. Included are countless large and small written and visual details, in order to emphasize the sheer endless scale of space itself. The infographic not only teaches, entertains, and excites young minds, but also encourages children to think deeper about space and the universe, and learn more about it.

The infographic visually includes all planets from the solar system, the sun, a friendly astronaut (for children to connect with), various spacecraft, constellations, differing types of stars, and so much more!