The future of clubbing by CLEVER°FRANKE

Red Bull wanted to explore the increasing role of technology in the future of club culture and asked ByBorre to curate a new night out.
All guests wore a personal bracelet designed by BYBORRE, equipped with technology from the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica. Through these hybrid bracelets, we collected activity-, movement- and temperature data. With this data we created personalized, real-time data visualizations, which were projected as visuals during the club event. Afterwards, all guests received their “Flight of the Night”: a unique, personalised souvenir, summarizing their data visualization of the night. Each visualization consisted of a colored spiral: the colors indicated how much time the guest had spent in every room, the thickness of the line indicated the activity of the guest in every room. The more movement, the thicker the line. The personal visualizations also included the musical highlight of the guest, complete with the time and room in which the song was played.