Infographic on HAZE- Urban Pollution in China by Xu Lulu (徐路路)et al. Nanjing University of the Arts

Haze, that is, smog caused by pollution, has become an inevitable part of life in many Chinese cities. Urban pollution has quietly increased, and it affects the health and lives of many city people. Haze can seem like an apocalyptic problem, and it has increasingly become a byword for urban illnesses in China.
Therefore, we use haze as our project theme. We cover topics including 'What is haze?', 'Where does it come from?' 'What does it affect?' and "What we should do next?' to disseminate public knowledge concerning what can cause haze, and how to minimise its health effects. The project includes a comprehensive chart to simply explain the details to a popular science audience. We hope our project can help people get a more comprehensive knowledge about haze, and awaken public awareness to the importance of environmental protection, which will encourage people to defend against haze more effectively.