Miner's Walk by Josephine Lie

Miner’s Walk is an interactive documentary exploring the lives of Indonesian miners who trek the steep slopes of the Ijen Crater in search of sulphur.

In recent times the Ijen Crater has transformed into a destination of increased tourism and contentious mining practices, leading it to become one of the few places in the world where miners, the sulphur industry, and tourism exist side-by-side.

Miner’s Walk is an experiment in interactive storytelling; a merging of short & longform video and user experience design. It grants viewers exclusive access to the miner’s world, following the miners on the precarious journey into the Ijen Crater as they collect and carry sulphur rock. Along the way, Miner’s Walk hears from the miners themselves as they describe the reality of their work, explore the impact of technology is having, and negotiate how the uptake in tourism might shape their future.

Miner's Walk is viewable as a full interactive experience at www.minerswalk.com.