A Ferrari road cars map by Christian Spreafico

Discover the interactions between all road cars models produced by Ferrari.

In this map, I sketched all Ferrari road cars in flat SVG illustrations and I collected the main information on each of them. In particular I studied their interactions: shared parts and stylistic inspirations and I thought of some criteria to map them:

* Categories (colors) of Ferrari cars *

- Luxury models (red): are Ferrari with sophisticated and stylish furnishings, often with 4 seats configuration
- Dino (brown): are Ferrari small models, typically with V6 and V8 engines
- Modena (orange): are Ferrari medium models, tipically with V8 mid engine
- Testarossa (yellow): are big Ferrari models with V12 engine
- Top (green): are Ferrari state of the art vehicles all about technology and performance
- Special (blue sky): are Ferrari crafted cars made in limited number to satisfy customers requirements and road-legal concept cars
- Tuning (blue): main Ferrari modified car realised by external companies starting from existing Ferrari models
Layout of Ferrari cars

Mid engine: from left to right
Front engine: from right to left
Relations (lines’ colors) between Ferrari cars

Same family (green): two cars share the same architecture
Share parts/style (blue): two cars share components and/or stylistic elements even if they are not from the same family
Substitution (red): the car substituted the previous model
Tuning modification (orange): a car is a modification of the previous one
Line thikness: express the number of shared components (i.e. engine, bodywork, chassis, etc.)
Line dotted: no components are shared between cars but one substituted the other in the series

* More… *

Once you have selected a Ferrari, click on the button “info” under it to discover the main info (Year, Displacement, Power, Max speed, Original price, Actual Value, etc.)

Use settings options to enlarge car size and line thikness and to change background color

* How I get the sources? *

Wikipedia, Ferrari.com