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Government, statistics & data visualisation? What’s going on here then?

For years the UK Office for National Statistics releases lacked imagination; yet there was so much potential to inform & excite the public about important issues. Visual was launched to help address this.

The site uses various techniques (interactives, quizzes, articles) to help inform public debate, such as: How long might your pension need to last? What is the gender pay gap? How does migration affect your area? Have a play.

Example interactive from the site

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    Darren Waters - Managing Editor Robert Fry - Head of Data Visualisation Hannah Thomas - Senior Data Journalist Zoe Hartland - Interactive content lead Rhodri Griffith - Creative design lead Carlie Edge - Creative design Tom Davy - Creative design John Nixon - Data Visualisation Scientist Francis Donnarumma - Data Visualisation Scientist Paul Heinicker - Data Visualisation Scientist Jo Goodwin - Social Media Lead Lauren Bradford - Social Media Lisa Jones - Senior Data Journalist
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