The price of living near a metro station in Shanghai by DTimes

The project is a work of visualization illustrating the living cost of normal residents in Shanghai. We calculated the average price of housing within 1km away from each metro station by collecting more than 300,000 housing data from public resources. Based on those works, we made a housing price-metro map which can be used as vivid guidance when people want to know a clear picture of housing market in Shanghai.
Why it makes sense? Shanghai is a megacity with an area of 6340.5 square kilometers, it is common for people to live very far away from the work place. Saving commuting time occupies an important place when they consider where to live. Acting like blood vessels, 15 railways take lead responsibility for connecting all of the megacity’s districts. Living near one of the 366 metro stations is an effective way to reduce commute time.
Buying and renting are different ways for people to get residency.
The first map is based on the Shanghai metro map, the site locations on which are familiar to passengers but different from the actual position. The number close to the metro station name means the price per square meter on average of buying the second-hand apartments near it.
The second map express the same topic except that it the offers interactions and the site locations are based on the actual conditions.
The other two maps are based on the same map with the first one. The number besides the metro station on the third map means the rental fee of one room on average near the specific station. As to the circle on the last map, its size equals the number of the apartments for rent.
According to the above four maps, you can easily know whether you can afford (buy or rent) an apartment near a metro station with limited budget and where is the reasonable place to live.