3-D Analysis and Visualization Application by Artemis Econometrics, LLC

This is a professional-quality analytical application where researchers can enter their own data into an HTML form and view the regression results point-by-point through an interactive 3-D scene.

One important aspect of this page is that it does not merely use pre-defined or hard-coded sample data. It is a working Web-based visualization application that can accept any data set in which a researcher has an interest.

This demonstrates how HTML5+WebGL can empower sophisticated data analysis and visualization on the Web. Now that Microsoft has decided to include WebGL in the upcoming Internet Explorer 11, it means that all major desktop browsers will support WebGL by the end of 2013.

This chart is highly interactive:

- Move the mouse pointer to rotate the scene.
- Press the space bar and click on a point to select it.
- Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom.
- Click and drag the mouse to change the size of the regression plane.
- Click once to start and stop the automatic rotation.

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