The Missing Migrants Map by Valerio Pellegrini and Michele Mauri

'The Missing Migrants Map' is the visual representation of all the incidents recorded by "The Missing Migrants Project".
This visualization is based on the data tracked by the "Missing Migrants Project", a joint initiative of IOM's Global Migration Data Analysis Centre (GMDAC) and Media and Communications Division (MCD).

The projects aims at tracking all the deaths of migrants and those who have gone missing along migratory routes worldwide. The research behind this project began with the October 2013 tragedies, when at least 368 migrants died in two shipwrecks near the Italian island of Lampedusa.
Since then, Missing Migrants Project has developed into an important hub and advocacy source of information that media, researchers, and the general public access for the latest information.
Missing Migrants Project uses statistical data from governments and sources other agencies, as well as NGOs and media.
Data has been filtered on 2015 incidents happened in the european and mediterranean area.
The map is characterized by a purely geographical guise, to show both the morphology of the territory, and to highlight the fact that we all are citizens of the world.

The visualization was originally developed in september 2015, than updated in february 2016 with new events.