How an Airport Works? by Yiran Yao, Din Li, Nanjing University of the Arts

Aircraft is one of the common transportation methods in modern society. Similar to the ground vehicles, aircraft is also subject to various rules of air traffic control, which is the regulation for airport operations. No matter the infrastructure of the airport or the construction of air traffic control, the airport strictly keeps the rules and order to ensure the safety of the aircraft.
Most people have taken a plane, but few know the details about the airport operation. In this work, I mainly introduce the functions and resources that the airport provides for the aircraft. These informations are complicated, but in my finishing process, I found that they still have a certain I want to introduce something about the airport operation and the structure of the airport with the method of infographic design.
As a visual design upstart, information graphic design is one kind of graphic languages which has the deep connotation. It simplifies the lengthy language, removes redundancy information, and generates readable information. The infographics we have studied could diversify our experiences, broaden our view sights and show us the information that is not normally exposed. I've organized some simulated scenes, stats and line graphs into an airport infographic to share with you. Please enjoy it!

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