Logo Trend Map: Logo Design Shape Trend Visualization and Pattern Analysis by Ajou University

This research aims to understand the general design shape elements of a trendy logo by classifying and visualizing the logo trend data with design characteristics, and to interpret the changing trend pattern. Logo Trends Annual Report from 2003 to 2016 was thus analyzed with the data of “Logolounge.com”, and the criteria to classify the design characteristics of a logo were set based on Principles of form and Design, which enabled to classify and measure the logo trends. Moreover, we visualized the trend map of the measured logo design data, by combining Radviz and Circle parallel coordinate. Thereupon we figured out the most common design shape elements through Circle parallel coordinate while referring to the designed visualization, and discovered the logo trend changing pattern through interaction analysis of Radviz and Circle parallel coordinate. Research accordingly revealed that various Basic elements should be combined for a trendy logo. Moreover, when a specific logo trend turns into a new trend in a sequential order, trend nodes in a similar changing pattern are located in close proximity and the nodes born from the changes with various design shape elements are remote from each other. This research is thus expected to help better analyze the changing logo trends, and to serve as a helpful method to devise a pattern model to forecast the future logo trend.