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Level the playing field by eliminating the influence of the factors below

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    An idea of: Klaas Kuitenbrouwer (Het Nieuwe Instituut). Concept developer: Yuri Veerman. Design: Random Studio & Yuri Veerman. Equaliser. Concept: Random Studio. (developed in collaboration with Yuri Veerman). Technical realisation: Random Studio. Data analysis: Mikhail S. Spektor and Dr. Gilles Dutilh (University of Basel). Research assistant: Marc van der Valk. Film Concept: Yuri Veerman. Art Direction, edit and production: Random Studio. Script: Yuri Veerman. Proofread and script edit: Jane Szita. Voiceover: In-Casting. Film Footage International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Olympic Television Archive Bureau (OTAB) UCLA Film & Television Archive
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