Diary of Terror by Los Angeles Times

To capture the toll of terror, the Los Angeles Times tracked every fatal act of terrorism around the world in April. By the end of the month, terror had struck 180 times and killed 858. The project has three parts.
1. Terror’s daily reality: A non-traditional interactive that tells the stories behind each attack.
2. The terror attacks you haven't heard about: A story with interviews and on-the-ground reporting
3. How we reported 'Diary of Terror': An explanation of methodology and findings.

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    Contributing to this story were special correspondents Aminu Abubakar in Kano, Nigeria; Nabih Bulos in Beirut; Sunshine de Leon in Manila; Amro Hassan in Cairo; Glen Johnson in Istanbul, Turkey; Ali M. Latifi in Kabul, Afghanistan; Josh Mitnick in Jerusalem; Parth M.N. in Mumbai and Aoun Sahi in Islamabad, Pakistan. Times staff writers contributing were Shashank Bengali in Mumbai, India; Robyn Dixon in Johannesburg, South Africa; Jon Kaiman in Manila; and Alexandra Zavis in Los Angeles. Researchers Cary Schneider and Maloy Moore, illustrator Lorena Iñiguez Elebee and developer Armand Emamdjomeh in Los Angeles also contributed.
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