Bicycles in Moscow by Urbica Design

Urbica Design analyzed the performance statistics of the city bicycle rental in 2015 for the Department of Transport of Moscow. Data on 812 000 rides at 300 rental stations were studied and analyzed taking into account each ride direction and thematic segments.

The data are represented in three modes:
Research — a form of self-study of the information by several segments on the map of the city
Presentation — the key facts from the research are represented in the form of an animated slide-show.

Calendar — the daily statistics on the bicycle rental performance (the total number, rates and average duration of a ride) and the influence of the weather conditions on the use of a bicycle.
The data visualisation allows general public discover the huge amount of data and discover new insights in the context of the bikes in the big city. Also it works on mobile devices.
Interactive data visualisation using Mapbox GL JS and OpenStreetMap data.

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