Peninsula Talks by Accurat

Peninsula Talks is an interactive data-journalism magazine that aims at bringing together data and multimedia contents, giving voice to those Italian craftmans, professionals, entrepreneurs and thinkers who, driven by passion and creativity, are re-inventing the idea of Made in Italy.
The magazine hosts and presents stories within a visual narrative that seamlessly mixes video, data, images and other additional contents, enriching his collection of interviewees every week.

The video interview of each speaker represents the basis on which all the others' information is overlapped, creating a blend of qualitative contents given by video and words and quantitative contents conveyed by data visualizations.
In fact, while telling their stories, the protagonists were asked to highlight important moments and events in time, places where significant situations happened as well as a series of crucial cultural references.
All these collected data have then been displayed in three different environments of the interactive platform: a timeline, a map and a system of lists that the user can filter and sort as he prefers. As a visual and dynamic hypertext, viewers will have access to all these further sources of information without stopping to watch the interview.

All the stories are dissected into different themes discussed and the viewers can therefore filter and sort the interviews by the theme that interests them the most, composing their own fully customized episode. A dedicated playlist will be generated every time, according to their selection.

Colors have a crucial role in the interface, being both a bold stylistic feature and a meaningful element: every interviewee is in fact color coded with a specific nuance, that allows the user to easily recognize him, independently from which view he’s browsing.

In Peninsula Talks, interviews are conceived as a collection of different objects that users can combine in multiple ways and that can be discovered in a non-linear fruition, creating an immersive and rich experience for the user and therefore exploring new and innovative solutions for on-line magazines.

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