Oscar Speeches Analysis by Big Group and Baker Wilcox

Using the publicly available transcriptions of all Academy Awards speeches (from Oscars.org), we analysed 450 speeches made by Best Actors, Best Actresses, Best Directors, Best Supporting Actors, Best Supporting Actresses and Best Motion Picture winners from every awards. We had to use a scraper to take all the speech copy off the website and then manually edit it to add spaces and remove html characters. We then manually tagged every speech to add meta data, for example if an actress thanked "Irene", we would find out who Irene was and tag the mention as an agent or sister or friend etc. Once all the tagging was done, we analysed the data for patterns and frequencies and plotted it into our infographic. The work produced many insights such as actors and actresses thanking God far more than directors and producers, while everyone thanked their peers and co-workers above all.