The Tobacco Atlas, Fifth Edition by Jenn Cash, Tanya Quick, Leah Koransky, Lizania Cruz, Angela Choi & team

The Tobacco Atlas, Fifth Edition pushes over ten years of research one step further by inviting colleagues tackling closely-related challenges—including protecting the environment, promoting equality, engendering development and fighting non-communicable diseases (NCDs)—to explore common interests, ideas, and strategies to find far-reaching solutions. As we visualized each data set we looked to reveal relationships in quantity, scale, and disparity. The thirty-two chapters graphically interpret the most recent and comprehensive data available on tobacco research: twenty-nine world choropleth-coded maps, over 100 graphic insets, and 55 soundbites stitching conversations from allies and adversaries to present a comprehensive picture of both problems and solutions.

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    Jenn Cash and Tanya Quick, Creative Directors Leah Koransky, Lead Designer Lizania Cruz, Lead Designer Angela Choi, Designer Published by The American Cancer Society and World Lung Foundation Authors: Michael Eriksen, Judith Mackay, Neil Schluger, Farhad Islami, Jeffrey Drope Managing Editor: John M. Daniel Contributing Editors: Ellie Faustino, Alex Liber, Michal Stoklosa, Carrie Whitney Contributor Authors: Alex Liber and Michal Stoklosa
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