Good Eggs by Big Group and Baker Wilcox

For Easter, we produced a graphic that celebrated nature's most interesting eggs. Taking examples from species of bird, reptile, amphibian, fish, insect, arachnid, mollusc, crustacean and even mammal, we presented what we felt represented the most interesting examples of eggs in the world. Research was extensive and was mostly done in the old fashioned way - looking through books. The availability and diversity of egg diagrams online is strangely lacking, so while it made it necessary to seek out books, we like to think our infographic is addressing the dearth of egg illustration online in some small way. From a design point of view, we wanted to achieve some symmetry and to arrange the eggs so as to provide an immediate visual impact. The main challenge was scale: the largest bird eggs are many times larger than the smallest insects'. We got round this by working in 2 scales, reducing the larger eggs and magnifying the smaller ones, indicated by the colour of the text and a key.