TIGGER by Stuart Coe Robert Cuffe Monica De La Maza Portillo David Hulme Nerea LaFuente Kieron Scrutton Amanda Sergison-Main Ben Willers

An interactive tool for healthcare providers to explore data from clinical trials. Peer-reviewed manuscripts can only describe a small fraction of the data generated in a clinical trial. Our tool allows detailed exploration of a drug’s efficacy and safety profile across multiple studies. It shows the progression of response over time and response in subgroups of patients: men vs women, young vs old etc. It shows which adverse events occur most often and gives detail unavailable in other formats: when they start, how long they last, how serious they are and what happens to the patients who experience them. These are the data that prescribers need in a format they can interrogate. Please note that we cannot make this application directly available to the public (it could be regarded as marketing the drugs it describes). If featured in the IIB Annual, we will be happy to work with you to render versions of the application that meet the needs of the annual and a pharmaceutical company’s commitment to market responsibly.

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