Decision Time 2015 Design by Harry Ward, Mark Jones & team

Information design is not about the gimmick, it is about improving communication and storytelling in partnership with the editorial tone, presentation style and journalism. Sky News Election Design achieves this marriage perfectly. From the permanent, all encompassing but uncomplicated lower third screen furniture to the dynamic presenter driven wall sequences, all are designed to be engaging, but never at the expense of the communication of information.

Published by Sky News

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    Design Senior Designer / Direction: Harry Ward, Mark Jones Designers: Aaron Smillie, Kalli Manolaros Digital Design: Serge Manoukian, Matt Simpson, Salah Elsadek, Mark Caudell, James Mitchell; Development Przemyslaw Pluta, Pani Chrysostomou Senior Design Manager: Dan Roulstone Head of Design: Chyaz Buffett
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