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Guidelines - 2018 awards

The Awards are open to infographics, data visualizations, data journalism, maps, interactives, information art / design & any data-centric video, animation, app, site or even artwork & sculpture. But it must be based on data / information with some sort of visual component. Work must be entered in the appropriate category; if in doubt entered as "unusual" and our team reallocates as appropriate.

Work created between 1 June 2017 and 14 September 2018 (and not previously entered or nominated into the Awards) is eligible for entry.

Students - and members of the public whose work has not been commissioned or published professionally - may submit their work for free. All other entries are paid.

Each entry must be a separate piece of work. The work can be in any medium (static image, web interactive, app, even sculpture or food) and can be created using any platform or package but must be based around data / information. You may enter as many pieces as you like with a fee paid each time If you are submitting a URL please make sure it will be functional until the end of December 2018.

Please upload images at a minimum of 1024 pixels wide at 72 dpi, ideally 2048 pixels wide at 300dpi.

There should be one lead image illustrating the work; you can also upload multiple other files (images, documents, videos etc) and you are welcome to provide a Dropbox or Google Drive link in your descriptive text if necessary. Creators of books, sculptures and physical objects please be aware that our judges are based around the world and there is a public voting round, so we accept digital entries only. Use photos, videos or other media to capture the essence of your work.

If your entry is in a language other than English please submit the original foreign language entry and send us a translation via email to, making sure to include your name and entry details.

All entrants agree to our Awards T&Cs. Need help? Please contact with your questions.

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