• Navigate the fictional spaces of films, with Andrew DeGraff's Movie Maps.
  • Melody and lyrics make excellent sources for data visualization. These graphics and interactives are music to our ears. Or eyes.
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  • Not long to go before entries & nominations close for the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016.
  • In Quantified Selfie, Lam Thuy Vo digs out the personal in big data.
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    Here's just a few of the ones that caught our eye this week.

    What do college students really do all day? Janelle Hall breaks it down for us. https://t.co/wxWRTHNeEX #iibawards

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) August 30, 2016

    Ever wonder why woodpeckers don't get brain damage? @TmarcoH has the answer. https://t.co/DpySqIxPYC #iibawards

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) August 26, 2016


  • Inspired by the Olympics? Check out our latest sporting finds. 
  • We love Alec Cerminaro's reinterpretation of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'.
  • Here are just a few of our favourite health-related visualizations so far this year.
  • As the US elections draw near, the world wonders who'll replace Obama in the White House. While you wait, check out these fun interactives.

    See why polls should be taken with a grain of salt with Rock n Poll from Maarten Lambrechts.



    What if the 'Bernie Bros' help Hilary? What if Trump gets the swings? Explore the scenarios in USA Today's Race to the White House. 


    Choose your own election adventure in Draw the 2016 Electoral College Map by Randy Yelp and Stuart A. Thompson of the Wall Street Journal. Which states...

  • With the Information is Beautiful Awards closing date (Fri 16 Sep) fast approaching, here are our favourite dataviz & infographic finds of the past week.