• Explore the shelves of Iran’s National Library with Small Media’s new interactive report, Writer’s Block.
  • Cloudred have visualized 50 years of plays, performers and directors behind Shakespeare in the Park, one of the big apple’s most bel...
  • Open data can empower citizens and spark debate.
  • Meet Andrey Karmatsky’s latest interactive, Bike share stats in Moscow.
  • A few months ago, we told you about an awesome Kickstarter project, Visualize Pi.
  • Sometimes beautiful data viz comes as a result of experimentation.

    That’s exactly what happened when freelance designer, Sonja Kuijpers, set out to practice designing with data and ended up creating this stunning radial weather chart, Weather Eindhoven 2014.

    Using data from Weather Underground, the viz tracks rain, wind force and temperature in the Dutch city over the course of a year. 

    Sonja studied Public Space at the Design Academy Eindhoven before working at a landscape and urban architecture firm. In 2013 she founded Studio Terp and as a free...

  • Discover which names dip in and out of fashion and which stand the test of time with Nadieh Bremer’s data visualization, Babynames.
  • Can you visualize correspondence?
  • Amsterdam-based designer and coder, Bryan James has come up trumps with his latest website, In Pieces, an interactive web exhibition on the 30 animals we are in danger of losing.
  • Everyone knows that when Michael Brown was shot dead by a US police officer on 9 August last year, rioting exploded in Ferguson.

    Everyone also knows that Michael Brown’s shooting was not an isolated incident.

    But no one knows exactly how many people have been killed by police in the US - because no government agency is keeping track.

    Enter People Killed by Police, a compelling interactive data viz created by Brian Beltz, Mike Perez and Tim Ronan from 1 Point 21 Interactive. Brian Beltz recalls, "After reading story after story of people being...

  • 29 US states have failed to adopt non-discrimination laws to protect their LGBT inhabitants.