• See your social media presence in beautiful, creature-like form with Stefan Wagner’s mesmerising live data visualization project, So...
  • Fancy seeing some of your own data viz on here? Then let us know about it!
  • With film fever in full swing, go and check out Silk’s awesome data viz project Women in Film, which tests gender bias in over 5,000...
  • It often seems like the debate over climate change is stuck.
  • This will keep you occupied over the holidays. See what you can do with a dataset all about food poisoning.
  • 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic weighing more than 268,000 tonnes are floating around the world’s oceans.

    And this is what it looks like.

    Sailing Seas of Plastic is an interactive map of global marine plastic distribution created by New Zealand-based data viz team, Dumpark.

    Zoom right in to see a single dot: this represents 20kg of floating plastic. Zoom out, and you'll see 13 million of these dots spread right across the world’s oceans.

    One the interactive's stand-out features is that rather than tucking sources and method...

  • Terrorist groups continue to dominate the news.
  • David Leonhardt and his team at The Upshot have worked with Climate Central to make this incredible interactive dataviz showing the number of people that will be affected by r...
  • Living with a large migrant population tends to persuade people against immigration. Right? Wrong.
  • Launch all 1,200 of the satellites currently orbiting Earth with David Yanofsky and Tim Fernholz’s absorbing interactive data viz published on Quartz this week.

    First decide whether to view satellites according to their purpose, country, age or user. Then set the satellites in motion, scrolling to see those furthest away from the earth’s surface.

    The viz packs in some pretty awesome details along the way, such as which satellites are owned by Sirius XM and which are used for US spying purposes.

    For the data beind the viz, check out the Union of C...

  • We love the user-friendly simplicity of UK Temperature History, an interactive data viz by Brighton-based designer, Peter Cook.