• The fifth annual Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards showcased exemplary data-visualization & infographics from around the world, demonstrating an outstanding range of skill, talen...
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  • We're thrilled for 2015 champions Stefanie Posavec & Giorgia Lupi, whose winning project Dear Data has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art as part of their permanent c...
  • This year’s entries were outstanding, resulting in some of the most creative winners across five years of the Awards. 


    Data Visualization

    GOLD ($1,000) Earth Temperature Timeline by Randall Munroe of XKCD (USA)

    SILVER ($500) Project Ukko - Seasonal Wind Predictions by Moritz Stefaner (Germany)

    BRONZE ($250) Gun Deaths in America by Ben Casselman, Matthew Conlen, Reuben Fischer-Baum for FiveThirtyEight (USA)

    HONOURABLE MENTION Income Inequality in LA & Chicago by Herwig Scherabon (UK)



    GOLD ($1,...

  • We joined with the shortlistees to celebrate the world's most meritorious dataviz & infographics at our opulent London party. 
  • GOLD ($1,000) Data Cuisine by Moritz Stefaner & Susanne Jaschko (Germany)
  • GOLD ($1,000) ShipMap.org by Duncan Clark & Robin Houston at Kiln; data from UCL (UK)
  • GOLD ($1,000) Flowing Data by Nathan Yau (USA)

    FlowingData helps everyone understand data.


    SILVER ($500) Visualising Data by Andy Kirk (UK)

    Charts the development of the data visualisation field.


    BRONZE ($250) Visualoop by Infogr.am (USA)

    The world's best infographics and data visualizations showcased.


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  • GOLD ($1,000) Spies in the Skies by Peter Aldhous & Charles Seife for Buzzfeed  (USA)