• Melody and lyrics make excellent sources for data visualization. These graphics and interactives are music to our ears. Or eyes.
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  • Not long to go before entries & nominations close for the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016.
  • In Quantified Selfie, Lam Thuy Vo digs out the personal in big data.
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  • Inspired by the Olympics? Check out our latest sporting finds. 

    David Pires' interactive makes tracking Olympic medals simple.


    No two MLB stadiums are the same. Sam Vickars investigates how outfield sizes impact play. 


    Joe Fox walks us through Clayton Kershaw's pitches in his unique interactive for the LA Times.


    Visual Sports takes us through 20 years of Kobe Bryant's career.


    Want more detail? Explore all 30,699 Kobe Bryant shots. By Joe Fox, Ryan ...

  • We love Alec Cerminaro's reinterpretation of Shakespeare's 'Much Ado About Nothing'.
  • Here are just a few of our favourite health-related visualizations so far this year.
  • As the US elections draw near, the world wonders who'll replace Obama in the White House. While you wait, check out these fun interactives.
  • With the Information is Beautiful Awards closing date (Fri 16 Sep) fast approaching, here are our favourite dataviz & infographic finds of the past week.


    Big-budget blockbusters are getting worse (Vox)


    A Visual Look at 2 Million Chess Games (Ebemunk.com)


    A Genealogy of Scientific Racism (Feroze Alam)


    Which American jobs have the most high-earners (Nathan Yau)


    The stuff Starbucks beverages are made of (Starbucks)

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