Beloved Sponsors


Kantar are a global market-research company, passionate about information visualisation.

They have 13 specialist companies world-wide which unite to provide insight and consultancy for businesses and brands.

They sit on a ton of data. They present scads of the stuff daily. Their goal is to provide compelling and inspirational insights that help their clients make better decisions.

They love data visualisation and the potential it offers to research, business and understanding. The way it can unlock trends and insights so they can be instantly seen. How visualisation can unite different data sets in new and unexpected ways. How it brings information to life, essentially. And that’s a great thing in their trade.

Here’s what they say.

We believe the Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards will help to bring data visualisation onto a wider stage by creating a centre of excellence that is accessible to all – and of course by rewarding that excellence! We’re very proud to be involved.

Aah. That’s nice.

Their sponsorship is a big deal for us because it means we’re not profit-driven. We can offer a token entry price, offer great prizes for our challenges, and bring more people to the visualisation table. All good.