Human Cost Challenge: The Winners


We’re hugely excited to announce the winners and runners up of our Human Cost challenge. Thank you to everyone who entered and for all the hard work you put in.

The challenge was a tricky one – to visualize the price of human life over history, but the results were fantastic.

We had cash prizes, but also the chance to have your design placed in Knowledge is Beautiful (Amazon US | UK), David McCandless’s new book. 

Here’s a reminder of the prizes:

Static Visualization:
Winner $1000
Runner Up $500

Interactive Visualization:
Winner $2000
Runner Up $750

Winner $500
Runner Up $250

And here are the winners! See if your favourite scooped a prize.

Static Winner: Raphaël Halloran ($1000)

“Respectfully minimal. Nicely-grouped comparisons. Nice information flow. Nicely drawn extra silhouettes. Nice!”  - David McCandless

Static Runner-up: Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez ($500)

“A few entries took this approach, but Tiffany’s was the most stylish & elegant. Liked the colours and the ‘classic’ feel.”

Interactive Winner: Carlo Zapponi ($2000)

“Enjoyed the way Carlo wrapped the data into a subtle interactive story. And tackled the problem of variety by allowing unpacking and unfolded of separate data elements. Oh and it looked good and flowed good too!”

Interactive Runner-up: Will Carroll ($750)

“One of the challenges of this data was its variety (different times, different types, wide ranges). Will leveraged some great code to allow meaningful sorting and for a viewer to seek out comparisons.”

Napkin Winner: Julius Ingemann ($500)

“Julius bagged the prize for the inventive way he inverted the question to open up the visualisation possibilities. Great creative solution. He also used every single felt-tip in his collection – impressive!”

Napkin Runner-up: Rosamund Pearce ($250)

“I’m not always a fan of ‘on-the-nose’ visual metaphors. But here the sensitivity of the data leant itself to more impressionistic / artistic display. Rosamund’s approach really works and subtly visualises the data.”

Remind yourself of the shortlist:

The Static Shortlist
The Napkin Shortlist
The Interactive Shortlist 

Announcing Human Cost Challenge Shortlist


Human Cost was a complex challenge that you, our awesome and dedicated community, seized with both hands. Looking at the price of a human life across history, from the gladiators of Ancient Rome to modern-day military casualties, had to be treated with respect and you’ve delivered in spades.

We were surprised and overwhelmed by your amazing and creative work – beautiful statics, bold napkins and adventurous interactives.

See them here:

The Static Shortlist
The Napkin Shortlist
The Interactive Shortlist 

Human Cost Challenge Shortlist: Napkin


The napkin category was a strong one and difficult to judge, proving you really don’t have to be able to design with digital tools to create a compelling viz. Take a look at the shortlist and see what you think…

Julius Ingemann

Rosamund Pearce

Lex Sokolin

Sarah King, Alexandra Cronk

Aldo Viramontes

View the Static Shortlist
View the Interactive Shortlist 

Human Cost Challenge Shortlist: Interactive


Every interactive was very different this time around, from the way the data was sliced and diced to the different devices for presentation. We saw maps, dots, bars, bubbles, timelines and even image-based vizzes. Nice!

Those who made it to the shortlist are:

Carlo Zapponi

Michael Freeman

Matt Cook & Team


Kim Albrecht

KK Molugu

Will Carroll

View the Static Shortlist
View the Napkin Shortlist

Human Cost Challenge Shortlist: Static


Circles were a popular recurring motif in the static category, but great to see such a wide variety of interpretations within the circular patterns used.

We’ve spent time digesting the entries and the following people or teams have made it onto the shortlist – which one’s your favourite?

 Raphaël Halloran

 Alex Donoso, Reese McGillie and Jingwen Cao

Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez

Vera Gastel

Alexandra Muresan

Anthony Lewis

Fri Rasyidi

Kathryn Greenbrook

Katie Coughlan

View the Napkin Shortlist
View the Interactive Shortlist