The wait is over!


Mission accomplished, people – today we’re announcing our Bond
competition shortlist that visualized this data. Nicely timed now Skyfall’s in the cinema (but apologies for the delay).

There was some very creative work, we were impressed! Congrats to all
who entered, winners to follow in a couple of days.

Here’s our shortlist: 

Design Challenge shortlist

Battle of the BondsAndrew Park
If You Were a Bond GirlKrisztina Szucs
My name is Bond - Mo Buedinger
The Premium Bond – Ben Willers


interactive Challenge shortlist

Bondtastic –  Raju Bhosale, Kedar Vaidya and Harshawardhan Nene

007Kelvin Luck / Luck Laboratories

napkin challenge shortlist

A Lover Not A Fighter - Tim Wise

How to Make the Best James Bond Movie – El Rubio

Who Fits Best? - Julian Opitz

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