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Forget Her Majesty. The jubilee to truly celebrate this year is 50 years of James Bond. And what more modern way to celebrate than with a fun, summer data-vlsualization challenge.

We’ve collated and curated the data behind every Bond film from Dr No to Quantum of Solace, and your mission is to visualise it.

How many women has each Bond bedded, what gadgets has he debuted, how many Martinis has he quaffed. And most importantly, statistically-speaking, was Connery really better than Moore? All this data, plus a ton more, can be found here.

You can take one of three possible approaches:

  1. Create an uber cool static design telling a story or highlighting patterns, trends or connections in the James Bond data
  2. Be creative as you like with pencil and paper in a napkin visualization.
  3. Get interactive, allow users to play with, explore and manipulate this data


data for this challenge


The Bond James Bond dataset can be found here.

Not to miss: the document includes multiple data sheets.


$2500 in prizes


    • $800 for the interactive winner
    • $250 for the runner-up
    • $800 for the winner of the design challenge
    • $250 for the runner-up
    • $250 for the winner of the napkin challenge
    • $150 for the runner up

Plus, all winners receive a poster and a signed copy of the Information Is Beautiful book.

the kudos


The Design & Interactive challenge winners are immediately shortlisted for next year’s Information is Beautiful Awards.

how to submit


Send your work here

Your work must stick to the following guidelines:  

  • Badge -  All entries must have the Information is Beautiful Awards badge somewhere on the layout. Any size, any location. Entries without the badge will be disqualified. Badges to be downloaded from here.
  • Static Images – minimum resolution must be 640 pixels tall or wide, maximum is 3000 pixels tall or wide. Maximum file size is 4MBs. Please send a link to larger files.
  • Videos, Animations, Interactives – please supply a link. Do not attach the file to your entry email if it’s larger than 4MBs.
  • You’ll get a confirmation when we’ve received your entry but no other correspondence until we announce shortlists and winners. Sorry!

  • Only one entry per person / team per individual challenge please
: You can enter the design challenge OR the napkin challenge. Not both.
Entries can be in any language.
  • Entries received after the closing date and time will not be counted in the competition.

Any problems, let us know at editor[at]informationisbeautifulawards[dot]com


important dates


  • 6th of July – the challenge opens
  • 31st of July – at midnight the challenge closes!
  • Week of 27th of August – winners announced


some guidelines for entering


  • Audience rules – There’s a lot of information and data here. Do we really need to see it all? Or just some of it? What’s most interesting?
  • Fun – this is  fun challenge. You don’t have to, but can you make it fun?
  • Tone – If you’re creating an interactive, what tone will you be going for? Playful and fun? Technical and serious? Open and exploratory? Abstract and high-concept?
  • Textually – If you’re napkinning, try not to use too much text to describe functionality. Think annotations. Not novels.
  • Raw world – Our data is in a pretty raw state. Tightly organised, it will require you to study it and draw out a story or a pattern.
  • Extras – Feel free to research around this information or come up with your own data or algorithms.
  • Metrics – We’ve used certain metrics. Do you think there are more? Is there another way of measuring or presenting these amounts?

Best of luck!


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